​Buying a Puppy at Mad Mali

All dogs bred under the “Mad Mali” label have DNA exams and are checked through x-ray for hip dysplasia. Puppies and older dogs are in excellent condition in every way.The puppy training starts at the age of 6 weeks old, at this point we expose them with new objects, obstacles, noises, unknown people, strange smells and we work to overcome any height fear problems.

Puppy Reservation

Planned litters are announced though our website at least 6 months before. The announcement includes the dam and sire info. Afterwards we see the sex of the puppies (male/female). You can make a puppy reservation even from the litter announcement (informing us also for the preferred puppy sex)In that way you join a priority reservation list. When the puppies are born we will inform you about the number of the male and female puppies. Fifteen days after the puppies are born the prospective buyers will be called to deposit a payment in advance to seal the reservation. After thirty-five days, the puppies are having their first vaccination and a microchip. At the age of 45 days old you can come to visit and choose your puppy. Finally at the age of 63 days old they will be vaccinated for second time and are free to go to their new home.

For Sale Dogs

We supply dogs with high genetic quality and challenging principles such as:

  Temperament to interact with people

Drive to play


Response to external irritations

Instinct for objects (ex. training balls)

Mood to hold and recover metal objects

Reaction to gunshots

Bite quality  


We carefully   select the right dog for you taking under consideration, your character, your lifestyle, your needs and your demands. Our dogs are healthy and vaccinated. All dogs over 12 months old (kept for breeding or for sale) are checked through x-ray for hip dysplasia and are in excellent condition in every way.